A Wedding is in the Details

Park City Wedding Photographer

Wedding Detail Photography

Probably one of the most time consuming aspects of planning a wedding is the details. From floral arrangements and table decorations, to boutonnieres and cufflinks, the details are what take an ordinary wedding and transform it into to the wedding of your dreams.

Photographing a wedding is an exciting and fast-paced affair. It's not uncommon for less experienced photographers to get caught up in the stress of capturing the "must have" photos and forget the little things that give your wedding it's signature touch.

When selecting a wedding photographer, examine their portfolio carefully. They should always have the beautiful portraits and group shots, but do they also have the details? Did they capture the rings, the shoes, the funky socks on the groomsmen, the custom menu, the immaculate table settings? You're going to want to remember these things and the right photographer will know this and make it happen.