Do I Really Need an Event Photographer?

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Many companies and organizations host at least one annual event with their entire organization. These events are usually the only time of the year the entire organization is together in one location. Events can range from simple one-day gatherings to extravagant multi-day conferences with fun activities and award banquets. The importance of documenting these events is often overlooked by meeting planners!

While anyone with a camera can capture photos at your next event, it’s important that you don’t trust just anyone with this role. If done correctly, the photos you take at your event can serve a multitude of purposes: a great reminder to attendees of their time at your event; an easy way to reach a new, future audience through social sharing (if attendees have an easy way to share the photos); and marketing collateral for future events are just a few that come to mind.

Hiring a professional photographer is the perfect way to preserve these unique memories. Your employees will appreciate having beautiful photographs to remember the event throughout the year. Professional photography is an easy way to boost employee morale and bring value to your brand. A professional photographer is usually more affordable than most people realize and has one of the larger returns on investment for your program.

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Here's a sample of a unique awards banquet I had the privileged at the amazing SaddleRidge at Beaver Creek in Colorado.