San Francisco Family Portraits: Trent & Chelsy

Park City Family Portrait Photographer

Baker Beach Family Portraits

This was not an average family portrait session by any stretch of the imagination. My brother lives in Folsom, CA and asked me if I would fly down to shoot his family portraits. Of course I said yes! There was a catch though... They really wanted them shot at the beach. The gorgeous Baker Beach in San Francisco is a two hour drive (without traffic) from Folsom. Northern California was in the middle of a five day storm cycle so taking all of the kids on a four hour road trip in questionable conditions had me a little nervous! 

Luckily, when we arrived, it wasn't raining. It was cold though! It was 50 degrees with a 30mph wind coming off the ocean. BRRRR!!!! The conditions weren't perfect, but we made the most of it. We snapped a few posed portraits before little Lucy had to go to the car. After that we just played around on the beach. The boys had a blast chasing the waves across the sand! 

This shoot was a good reminder that things aren't always going to perfect, but who cares?! Just show up with a good attitude and a big smile and great things will happen :)