"I Scream, You Scream..."

Park City Commercial Photographer

A friend recently called me in a panic. She was catching a flight back to Utah from Colorado to make a TON of ice cream. She's a small business owner who recently launched Wasatch Creamery Ice Cream Company. She creates small batch, artisan ice cream with funky flavors like Lavender & Blueberry, Bourbon & Chocolate, and Maple-Bacon (YUM!!). She had just gotten a call from Bon Appetit requesting professional, high-resolution photos for an upcoming City Guide on their website. Oh, and they needed the images in 24 hours! She called me to ask if I would be able to meet with her the next morning to photograph her ice cream. Photos and ice cream? YES! 

She was up all night making endless quarts of her mind-blowing ice cream for the shoot. When I arrived (baby in tow), I scouted shooting locations in her beautiful old home. I tasked her and her business manager Ryan Walsh (Walsh Partners) with putting together a prioritized shot list and we got to work! With Ryan standing in as my photo assistant/baby sitter, we were able to quickly stylize and shoot a TON of ice cream in only a few hours!

As soon as we finished shooting, we hunkered around the laptop to proof the images and decide which ones to send to Bon Appetit. Once the final images were selected, I edited them, uploaded them to Dropbox, and delivered them. Bam! In less than 6 hours we were able to conceptualize, stylize, shoot, edit, and deliver a beautiful set of images that showcase Kris's talent and will allow her to display her ice cream online in professional, unique way. To see the image Bon Appetit chose for their City Guide, check it out here.

If you, or someone you know, is a small business owner who could use new photos that showcase their beautiful products or brand, drop me a line! I would love the opportunity to show off what makes you and your business amazing!