Sundance Resort Wedding: Rod + Rhonda

Sundance Resort Wedding Photography

Park City Wedding Photographer

This wedding was an adventure from the start! Google Maps sent me down the wrong snowy road above Sundance Resort and I ended getting my car stuck in the snow. I knew I had to be close, but the bride and groom weren't answering their phone! After being almost an hour early, it wasn't until five minutes before my show time that I finally got ahold of the groom. I was hiking through the snow with all of my gear when he pulled up and gave me a ride to their cozy cabin. :p

The ceremony was an intimate affair with just their children at the cabin and the bride's parents attending via FaceTime. It was absolutely perfect. The love and happiness between these two was infectious! They really made me feel like a part of the family. After the ceremony we played around in the woods around the cabin then drove up Alpine Loop for some awesome portraits beneath Mount Timpanogos. I loved being able to share one of my favorite spots with them. After we were done shooting, it came time to figure out my car situation. Luckily the guys offered to help me out. After a little bit of digging and pushing we got my car out and I was on my way. Needless to say, I will never forget this wedding adventure! :)

Sundance Resort weddings are absolutely gorgeous no matter what time of year you're here!