The Smartphone Wedding

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Some photographers lament the thought of a single smartphone at a wedding! While understandable for a photographer to request smartphones be put away during a wedding ceremony, it's just not realistic. The guest's desire to create their own photographs and share them instantly is a force that can't be competed with.

I have found when wedding guests pull their smartphones out they do fun and funky things in pursuit of the perfect selfie. These selfies are the real photos of a guest's personality. Rather than feeling upset when a guest pulls out their device, I turn my camera in their direction. Some of my favorite candid wedding images have come from me piggy-backing on a guest taking their own photograph! 

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives and the wedding is no exception. The internet is full of stories of wedding photography being ruined by guest "photographer's" smartphones or tablet flashes. From a different angle, technology can be a huge asset for you and your guest! recently wrote about creative ways brides and grooms are incorporating cutting edge technology into their wedding. From GoPros hidden in bouquets to 3D printed wedding cakes. When done in moderation, with respect to the magic of the day, technology can make your wedding shine.

If you're considering how to handle personal technology at your wedding, Bridal Guide posted the useful Tech Etiquette: New Rules for the Modern Bride. And as always, if having technology at your wedding is important to you, be sure to discuss this with your wedding photographer before you sign a contract so everyone has clear expectations for the wedding day.